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Pneuma  숨 입김

Fallen by itself, 
Cut by, 
Thrown out by, 
Sprawled by.


"Will this wood go rotten?"
"You mean, decay?"
"Oh shit!"
"No, shit! Stop freaking out!"

The air, 
is breathing.
There, the horizon.

It is re-turning, 
re-turning by your hands
in your hands.

the retrieved bodies,

The act of making utensils
(utensilia, materials, things for use)
is a celebration of nature
and a ritual for life.

To carve with naturally fallen woods
or disposed timbers 
is an action towards life
rather than the reproduction of resources.

Through carving without power tools, 
Through greenwood working,
you would be able to feel the body
that occupies a space.  


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